Picture Of 4 people, 3 of which are sitting on a wicker basket chair, 1 standing with head cut off during image cropping

Robert James Atkinson Jr

Found it sad that all of the images of my Grandpa were from his Obituary, So I made him a site.

Screenshot of with the background of the site being  a nighttime photo of Crater Lake in Oregon

URL Shortening Service, No Ads. No BS. 100% Free.

Photo of a white dog licking whipped cream off of a plate

Perla The Dog

A Site For My Smelly White Dog Perla.

Photo of rock spray painted with the logo of the game Firewatch, which can is found at the end of the game

Project Firewatch

A Site Dedicated To Firewatch.

Picture of Codsworth bot from Fallout 4

Codsworth (Discontinued)

A No-compromises Music Experience For Discord.

Snowy picture of a Christmas tree built in Minecraft

The Minecraft Server (Closed)

A community server started in the thick of Covid-19.

A picture with a Purlple background with black font spelling out “Jim Bot”

Jim Bot (Discontinued)

A Multipurpose Discord Bot.

A picture with a Red-ish Orange background with black font slanting down to the left spelling out “Annoyance”

Annoyance Bot (Discontinued)

Designed To Annoyance People On Discord.

A picture with a Blue background with yellow font spelling out “OSRP”

Oregon State Roleplay (Closed)

A FiveM Roleplay Server.