Robert James Atkinson Jr

Found it pretty sad that all of the images of my Grandpa were from his Obit, So I made him a site. (

URL Shortening Service, No Ads. No BS. 100% Free. (


Perla The Dog

A Site For My Smelly White Dog Perla. (

Project Firewatch

Project Firewatch

A Site Dedicated To Firewatch. (


Codsworth (Discontinued)

A No-compromises Music Experience For Discord. (

The Minecraft Server

The Minecraft Server

A community server started in the thick of Covid-19. (

Jim Bot

Jim Bot (Discontinued)

A Multipurpose Discord Bot.

Annoyance Bot

Annoyance Bot (Discontinued)

Designed To Annoyance People On Discord.


Oregon State Roleplay (Closed)

A FiveM Roleplay Server.